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Appex SA is a Swiss investment company founded in 2014 and based in Lugano, Switzerland. The customer is always our priority, which is why we are proud of our very diverse portfolio comprised of brands whose innovation and vision aims to provide the best possible customer experience.

Cosy Sunday

Cosy Sunday® offers an ecological capsule collection of leisurewear and high-quality home accessories. The brand is built on the principles of transparency and sustainability - from the fabrics to the packaging. Its clients are offered high quality, produced by the best Italian artisans. The brand aims to follow the dynamic lifestyle of a modern, tasteful and successful metropolitan woman by offering products fit for travel, leisure or spending a weekend at home. The shopping and wearing experiences have been made as simple as possible to grant our client an oasis of peace and comfort in their hectic lifestyle. Consumers who value style, luxury and conscious consumption will find themselves at home with the Cosy Sunday community. 

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Work in Progress


Swiss Alpine Fish

SWISSLACHS AG is an innovative salmon farming solution based in Lostallo (GR), Switzerland. The company provides an advanced technological RAS in the Swiss Alps. The project is groundbreaking, as it offers a solution for areas disconnected from the sea, such as Switzerland. This project manages to provide salmon, with the use of an artificial current and a very strict control of the conditions. Therefore, no antibiotics are used, and the farm is run at the highest hygiene standards, providing pure and natural fish. The product is salmon of supreme quality, the production of which, remains environmentally friendly.




Tpresso® reinvents tea. The revolutionary Tcapsules were invented by Eric Favre, the legendary founder of the Nespresso® platform. After the acquisition of Tpresso® from its founder, the company invested monumental resources into developing and patenting a technology which would best transmit the full potential of tea as a beverage. The company lists its values as: purity, premium, convenience and experience. They offer a beautiful machine with a vast range of capsules, which presents an effortless and enjoyable experience for their customers. The 20 different teas offered at the moment have been selected from all around the world and are all 100% natural. 

Gzhelka Vodka

Gzhelka®, the legendary vodka brand from Russia, is reborn. Today, thanks to advanced modern distillation technologies and the unique preparation of artesian water, we have managed to achieve the highest quality. According to the Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology, the taste and quality characteristics of Gzhelka vodka equaled the world's best super-premium vodkas. Since 2021, Gzhelka has been selling in Western European supermarkets at an affordable price.

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HSkin Recovery

HSkin Recovery® is an innovative cosmetics brand which focuses on helping its clients deal with the aftermath of alcohol consumption on their skin. With a product line which varies based on the extent of the clients needs, the brand can fully cover the gap in the market, allowing for a quick and effective recovery. The brand offers three single-use kits with treatments which alleviate the effects of a “hangover” and help the client feel and look better. The product is created for people of all genders as well as being cruelty-free and vegan. The brand is sold through Amazon and is currently oriented towards the UK market. 

Work in Progress


Core Group has developed a software capable of providing solutions in areas such as communications, data management, identification and transactions. Core Blockchain is a decentralised, open-source public blockchain. It is groundbreaking with its ED448 cryptographic security, also used by US Government Agencies. It works in sync with several other decentralised applications, such as CorePass - an identification platform. Core aims to provide seamless, secure, transparent and trustworthy communication and transactions for the current and future generations. 



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