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from Russia

APPEX SA Lugano, Switzerland is the exclusive distributor of Russian vodka White Gold Original®, White Gold Premium®, White Gold Black Edition® in European Union and Switzerland

100% Grain

The New York Times about Russian vodka White Gold

"Russia   is   a land of cold winters, black caviar and vodka, of course.  Russian history would not be just the   same if this “last but not the least” important   part of culture was   missing. Vodka   has carried this country through   centuries of hunger   and poverty, wars   and surreal bouquet of egomaniac rulers.  It taught   Russians   how to be tough and how   to   make great vodka.   Polish people may claim that they first invented it, Dutch may say that they   perfected   it, someone may say that the water used for distillation is purest, but Russians   know that there is only one thing that delivers the highest vodka quality - the grain...

The grain   for White Gold Premium is specially selected and grows only in one small part of Russia with the most fertile, richest soil in warm   and sunny climate. No other vodka is made of it.  That   explains   why White Gold Premium can solely claim   to    have   unique, unprecedented taste..."


Artesian water

Water is also important for the production of vodka as well as grain alcohol.  Therefore, vodka producers are always looking for a clean source of water. For vodka White Gold uses water from artesian wells in the Volga river basin, the most affluent river in Russia. The cleanest natural water must pass through several stages of special treatment: settling, aeration, filtration through carbon and quartz sand. With the help of a special installation, the correction of the composition of salts is carried out. Water should be colorless, absolutely transparent, with a minimum content of salts. Water is never boiled or distilled. That is why, the real Russian vodka has a special softness, unique taste and crystal purity.


In Russia there are centuries-old traditions of vodka preparation, which came from the times of Ivan the Terrible. Vodka was considered to be the universal alcoholic beverage, such as for high-ranking persons and for the common people. The standards and rules by which Russian vodka is produced today were finally formed at the end of the XIX century. Production of high-quality grain alcohol has received the state standard. Mandatory multi-level filtration of the drink through activated carbon allows  to completely clean vodka from ether and aldehydes. This is the main guarantee of purity of vodka taste.

For high-end vodka, which is White Gold is characterised by a long period of rest after mixing and filtering. This allows  to achieve maximum interaction of all components of the drink.

Experts believe that at this period of time the water-alcohol mixture turns into a harmonious, soft vodka.

  WHITE GOLD® Russian Vodka

 White Gold Original®

Caption True Original is designed to emphasize the original taste of vodka, which became a classic. Such a tuned combination of design and content is clearly focused on the loyal consumer White Gold consumer, a sincere and natural. He has a strong character, he likes to be himself. Visual appeal is an integral feature rather than a tribute to the image. This vodka is ideal to drink by shots. Icy vodka is always tastier!