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Appex SA is a Swiss investment company founded in 2014 and based in Lugano, Switzerland. We are proud of our very diverse portfolio comprised of innovative and progressive brands. The Company is represented in three sectors: food, beverage and fintech.

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SWISSLACHS AG is an innovative salmon farming solution based in Lostallo (GR), Switzerland. The company provides an advanced technological RAS in the Swiss Alps. The project is groundbreaking, as it offers a solution for areas disconnected from the sea, such as Switzerland. This project manages to provide salmon, with the use of an artificial current and a very strict control of the conditions. Therefore, no antibiotics are used, and the farm is run at the highest hygiene standards, providing pure and natural fish. The product is salmon of supreme quality, the production of which, remains environmentally friendly.


NEOR is a Russian importer and distributor of farmed Salmon Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). By combining traditional farming techniques with ingenious technologies, it offers a balance between Tradition and Innovation. In order to provide a product of elevated quality, NEOR takes a vaccination/drug-free approach to farming, relying instead on higher quality feed and a more rigid quality control. A pure natural environment paired with a strict quality control, guarantees an exemplary and safe product, which can be processed or sold natural. The company's product range includes head-on-gutted fish and fillets, as well as roe.




Tpresso® reinvents tea. The revolutionary Tcapsules were invented by Eric Favre, the legendary founder of the Nespresso® platform. After the acquisition of Tpresso® from its founder, the company invested monumental resources into developing and patenting a technology which would best transmit the full potential of tea as a beverage. The company lists its values as: purity, premium, convenience and experience. They offer a beautiful machine with a vast range of capsules, which presents an effortless and enjoyable experience for their customers. The 20 different teas offered at the moment have been selected from all around the world and are all 100% natural. 

White Gold Vodka

White Gold embraces all of the Russian traditions and contains a perfected recipe with 100% Russian grain. The grain is specially selected and grown in the most fertile and warm region of the country. Combined with pure artesian water and a careful preparation technique, it delivers a product that The New York Times states"can solely claim to have unique, unprecedented taste..." (NYT 06.09.2005). The product line is currently composed of: White Gold Original®, White Gold Premium® and White Gold Black Edition® - each taste specifically crafted for a different occasion., as well as Market Watch Magazine, both ranked White Gold 90 Points, which confidently beats its best known competitors from Russia. The company is setting up distribution in the United States, Europe and Russia, aiming to gain global traction.




Vinza offers a decentralised B2C and B2B financial solution. The B2C service consists of allowing its customers to trade their local currency for cryptocurrency, simplifying and hedging their finances through decentralised wallets as well as other fintech solutions. The B2B platform for merchants allows businesses to expand their geography with no limits, by safely managing their finances in their currency of choice, that being crypto or fiat. 


Fsprnt is a P2P lending platform designed for Generation Z. It is a collateral-free, simple, friendly, decentralised platform which offers loans of any amount, at any time, at the click of a button. The company also offers an opportunity for cryptocurrency holders - a safe way to invest, guaranteeing up to 12% annual return on top of the cryptoinvestment value. The project is currently in its early stages.



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